14 November 2010

Fig.1, my sister's kids in an old Halloween mask on Halloween: Sebastian, 10; Andres, 8, and myself, improvisationally dressed as Spring; Isabella, 7.
 I've been using this space age-y Fujifilm Instax camera that I picked up at Freestyle for a birthday present to myself a lot lately. While the camera itself was really expensive ($60-something) the film (which comes in packs of two, with ten shots in each cartridge) is relatively cheaper than Polaroid film ever was in my lifetime ($15 for 20, 75¢ each; 25% less than Polaroid was), and a higher ISO, too (800); also, the camera has settings, like indoor/dark, cloudy, sunny, and hella sunny.  

Part of my use of this camera involves me taking these odd group shots where not everyone gets to be in the picture (the camera doesn't have a self-timer); so, a picture with three people turns into three pictures of two people in each shot because someone has to take the picture. It's frustrating, but does provide variety and is a compromise of sorts.

Fig. 2, the first instance of this, from Taylor Doran (NO MORE SLEEP ONLY WIDE EYES)'s birthday night. From top to bottom, left to right: Taylor and Alexandra Sciarra (Like Ooh My God!); Taylor and I; Alex and I. 

Fig. 3: Same three girls in Cabazon, California, outside the Wheel Inn.   

 Fig. 4, outside of Suehiro, last night, everyone wearing wigs (yeah, even Daniel). Clockwise, from left, left to right: Taylor Doran, myself, Daniel Lindsay; Stephanie Solis, Taylor, Daniel; Taylor, myself, Stephanie (this is our girl band shot); Stephanie, myself, and Daniel.

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