06 December 2010

'EYELINE' / 'SPIRIT (they're gone, they've vanished) STATUE' / an Animal Collective story

This is from a minute and a half of footage I shot of my gorgeous teen queen friend Penelope putting on eyeliner in the bathroom of the Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park. My original idea was to have different girls put on different kinds of make-up, and edit it together with a multiple screen effect. That proved to be boring and not my style at all. (Screenshots below.)

On Saturday, I went on an exhausting scavenger hunt sponsored by FYF with Carla, Penelope, Andrew, and Hayley (have I ever mentioned any of these people before? They're all EPFC kids-and our team was called the EPFC Famiglia, by the way). One of the things on the list was a video of a team member performing a stand-up comedy routine inside of a movie theatre. Andrew caught me (yeah, because I was the one who was volunteered for that) running out of the place at full speed. Later, as I was uploading the footage, I noticed the way my body tweaks itself when I run, paying attention to my shoulders (which are really wide and rounded, due to my slouch). I have a hard time recognizing myself in photos, and as a dancer, I'm familiar with a blurred figure moving the opposite of me in mirror; so whenever I catch myself on video or film (moving), I'm always sort of taken aback. Does this make sense?
So, I made this.

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