02 January 2011


"Did you notice the steam rising from your body at one point as you lay on the mat? I tried to capture it with my phone but it was too dark. They're all dark, of course, but look cool. One looks like a still from a murder scene; you'll probably know it when you see it."
-Daniel, in an e-mail.

This one is my favorite.
a circle jerk
getting your period for the first time
bleeding when you lose your virginity
when all their cum is just on your torso on your breasts on your face on your hair
all that blood and placenta after birth, how the fetus is so wet and the mom feels like she's had a seventh grade accident
when your breasts ache so much they explode with milk when someone (like you) just touches them.

Whipped cream, milk, half and half, heavy cream, clotted cream, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, condensed milk, evaporated milk, chicken blood, my blood, corn starch, food coloring, watercolors on  polyester.

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