26 January 2011

Last night, I kept having these miniature panic attacks. I went out for coffee around midnight with Taylor; usually that makes me feel a lot better, but I went home and felt suffocated. I haven't been feeling well (my nose is broken and other things came in to play over the past week-been drinking a lot of vanilla, too), so after a few hours of working on some poems, I ended up drawing on this massive roll of paper I bought at Ikea a year or so ago while talking to my friend Karlynne; that made me feel even worse (no idea) and I ended up cutting up the LA Times.
The top drawing is a combination of these shapes I once noticed in a old friend's notebook during class and I appropriated it (I circled the design and started drawing it on the inside of my left wrist; in retrospect I think that might have really pissed him off, which makes me sad. I saw it really as something that reminded me of my friendship with him-and also of the Dao, which also reminded me of him, too.); also of this design I noticed on a drum kit in another friend's living room yesterday afternoon. I thought it was totally perfect, except for this stupid dot in the center of the design.
The lower collage/painting is from the front page of the LA Times and a Target supplement. After I made it, I realized it was an imagining of a postcard I once received with a poem referencing the Dao.

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