25 June 2012

               1) for most of May (actually, for all of May), I didn't have glasses. I had accidentally packed them in a box labeled French poetry (Apollinaire-Genet) (which turned out to contain an endless array of folk art knick knacks that I've collected since I was a small child-not sure where Apollinaire-Genet are now);
               2) because I did not have my glasses, everything was incredibly blurry and I am actually quite amazed that I was able to take semi-coherent photographs;
               3) my scanner is very dirty;
               4) these were taken throughout South Los Angeles;
               5) I found a photo processing guy on Polk who is very sweet and does everything (and I mean everything) except process slide film. He does cross-process, hence the "everything". Please go give him all of your business because it would break my heart if he were to shut down.

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